Plant and Garden Photography

The beauty of nature has fascinated me since my childhood. I was particularly impressed by the world of plants with their diverse shapes, colours and scents. Since then I have been trying to capture at least a small part of this fleeting beauty in my photographs. Some years ago I founded the botanikfoto Picture Library where you can find many thousands of my plant and garden images.

360° Photography

360° photography opens up a new view of the world. Each photo shows not only a small section chosen by the photographer, but a complete 360° panorama of the surroundings. With a panorama viewer or virtual reality glasses, you find yourself in the middle of the scene and can view it in all directions. Come with me on a virtual trip to Berlin and Brandenburg and discover the most beautiful places and sights in 360°.

Hiking Blog

As an avid hiker and photographer, I enjoy being out and about in and around Berlin. In my hiking anf photo blog I present some of the most beautiful hikes, which are also environmentally friendly accessible by public transport. Have fun with new discoveries on foot!